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"The story you are about to see is a fib, but it's short. The names are made up, but the problems are real." MATHNET
Founded 1985
"to cogitate and to solve" From 1987 through 1992, Mathnet was the most consistent element of Square One TV. Mathnet was a creation of the Children's Television Workshop (as it was then called). Mathnet was a Dragnet parody, produced by Janette Webb (Jack's widow). These five-part serials consisted of the Mathnet team, a branch of a big-city police department (Los Angeles' in the first fourteen mysteries, New York's in the last sixteen) confronting a crime, working their way through it, and eventually getting a notch on their calculators. The Mathnet mysteries always appeared at the end of Square One TV.

Actors: Toni DiBuono, Barry Wallingford, Beverly Leach, Mary Watson, Joe Howard
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