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Where to watch Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955-1962) was a mystery and suspense anthology hosted by the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock.

Each 30 minute episode included opening and closing vignettes featuring Hitchcock who would often explain some aspect of the day's show and would often offer subtle (or not so subtle) jabs at the shows sponsors.

Actors: Alfred Hitchcock
Genre: Drama
Imdb: click here
Season 1
    Episode : Prisoners  
    Episode : Gigolo  
    Episode : The Jar  
    Episode : Road Hog  
    Episode 1: Revenge  
    Episode 6: Salvage  
    Episode 36: Mink  
    Episode 37: Decoy  
Season 2
    Episode : The Mole  
    Episode : Deathmate  
    Episode 6: Toby  
    Episode 7: Alibi Me  
Season 3
    Episode : Prism  
    Episode : Twist  
    Episode 16: Sylvia  
    Episode 24: Foghorn  
Season 4
    Episode : Touché  
    Episode : Fogbound  
    Episode : Pen Pal  
    Episode : Reunion  
    Episode 1: Poison  
    Episode 35: Touch  
Season 5
    Episode 1: Arthur  
    Episode 5: No Pain  
    Episode 7: Dry Run  
    Episode 38: Hooked  
Season 6
    Episode 6: Pen Pal  
    Episode 10: Sybilla  
Season 7
    Episode 3: Maria  
    Episode 9: I Spy  
    Episode 24: Apex  
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