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Watch The Gregory Hines Show online: Episode 22 I'll See You All in Health

After a heart attack scare with James, Ben recommends that he start taking better care of himself. But when Carl reminds him that it's been five years since he's been to a doctor, Ben decides to set a good example for his father, and see the physician who works with Carl's girlfriend, Naomi, to prove that he's the picture of good health. Instead of seeing that male doctor, Ben is shocked to see Naomi herself, since the guy Carl recommended is in London. After nervously going ahead with the check-up, Ben gets his test results, and learns that his cholesterol level is dangerously high. Suddenly health-conscious, he changes his (and everyone else's) diet, and makes Carl keep him company at the gym. Carl is the first to throw in the towel in the support department, and James and Matty quickly follow suit by ordering a pizza -- which they hide from Ben. The pizza ends up giving James heartburn, so he's forced to come clean when a fearful Ben drags him back to the hospital, believing he's re

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