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Watch The Gregory Hines Show online: Episode 21 Ben-Her

When Ben turns down an offer to spend the night at Kyra's place after walking her home, he wonders if there's something wrong with him. Nicole consoles him by saying that he might not be ready so soon after Sarah's death. Meanwhile, Matty brags to a skeptical Ben that he's found a way to see two girls at the same time without either one knowing about the other. When Kyra walks Ben home on their next date, he tries to kiss her and invite her in, but she finds ways to dodge both advances. Unsure if she rejected his offer to get even with him for rejecting hers or if she just isn't interested, he turns to Alex for advice. Kyra drops by Ben's place of work to explain why she couldn't come in. To prove she likes him, they do it. In the office. Yet, after his big break, Kyra starts cancelling every date he's made with her in quick succession. Matty's double-dating fantasy starts to unravel when the schedules of his two girls conflict with one another, and Ben worries that he was so bad in th

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