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Watch The Gregory Hines Show online: Episode 19 Sister-in-Law, Sister-in-Law

Ben gets a surprise visit from his baby sister-in-law, Julia Bullock. She's a drifter slash swindler who owed him $1000, and skipped town without paying him back. The first thing she gives him upon their reunion is a check for the amount of the loan, and the second is an apology for her irresponsibility, claiming she wants to be more responsible from now on, especially now that he's widowed. Hoping to let bygones be bygones (and make sure her check actually clears), Ben offers to let her stay with the family temporarily, and she accepts. Since she plans to look for a job while she's in Chicago, Ben offers her a temping gig at the Home Court Press, as their new temp, Dolores, is so scary that both he and Alex want to fire her... if they can actually figure out how. Julia announces that she's found herself an apartment, and she's going to sell her car to afford it. Because she needs it for work, Ben gives her her check back for the time being. He's shocked to come home and find that she

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