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Watch The Gregory Hines Show online: Episode 18 Anita the Hun

Matty gets in trouble at school, making Ben have to come down and talk with his tough English teacher, Anita Hunsley -- or, as the kids affectionately call her behind her back, Anita the Hun. As it turns out, Ben and Anita knew each other from way back when as camp counselors, before Anita got married and assumed a different surname, a surname she kept after her divorce. While Matty is forced to brush up on his Shakespeare, Ben hits him with a surprise -- he's invited Anita over to the apartment to catch up on old times. That's something that James thinks isn't a good idea, since Ben wanted Anita when they were teens. Anita manages to win Matty over when he finds out she's a hockey fan, too. In private, Ben confesses to Anita his teenage crush on her, and is excited to hear that she had one on him. But before anything happens, they both call it a night, realizing Matty's father shouldn't be dating Matty's teacher. Hartek bullies Matty at school after he finds out that he not only got a

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