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Watch The Gregory Hines Show online: Episode 14 Carpe Diem

Matty braces himself for a Sadie Hawkins Day dance by dodging the calls of the many interested girls who aren't named Diane. Carl finds romance of his own courtesy a woman who rents videos from the same store he does. And Ben makes it a trifecta by lighting up to a younger woman, Allison, who pitched a media plan to him. She beats him to the punch by asking him out. Matty's spirits sink when Ben tells him Diane called to ask him to the dance, only to pick up and hear that it's not Diane, but Diana, whom he's now stuck having to take. Ben eagerly awaits going to Allison's place for the first time -- only to get there and find her daddy, Jack, with her, waiting to grill his daughter's date. When Ben tries to explain the age thing and that he's just dating for fun, he only succeeds in putting his foot in his mouth. But once Jack's out of the picture, their first date is smooth sailing. So smooth, in fact, that when it comes time to end, she asks him to take her to a nightclub. Since that'

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