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Watch The Gregory Hines Show online: Episode 13 James Stevenson Stands Alone

Matty gets a new--and older--Spanish tutor, Maria, but he's too smitten with her to concentrate on the español. James hears from his doctor that he's got bunions which require surgery. He doesn't want to take time off from his old-fashioned barbershop, so Ben offers his and Carl's services in running the place temporarily. The barbershop is exactly as it was when the two last saw it 30 years ago. Complete with James' crochety, old co-worker, Junior Braush... who hates Carl. After he gets a ""D"" on his Spanish test, Matty isn't content with Ben's suggestion that he find another tutor. While Nicole takes care of a demanding James during his recovery, Matty asks her for advice on how to ask Maria out, as he's not sure if she likes him. Nicole tells him that he can invite her to the restaurant for a grown-up dinner on her. With business at the barbershop nearly dead, Ben advises James that he should think about closing shop, as he's barely breaking even (no thanks to SpeedyCuts opening up a

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