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Watch The Gregory Hines Show online: Episode 11 To Volunteer Is Human

Carl brags about his new client, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Matty's choir has been selected to go to D.C. to sing at the nationals. They'll need $5000 to go, so the choir parents are planning a big fundraiser -- which used to be Sarah's department. Ben is eager to offer his services as volunteer, but all Matty wants him to do is write a check. At school, Ben meets the treasurer, Sharon Glazier, and chairperson, Candice, and tells them he's volunteering. He also meets Roger, one bitter parent whose wife forced him to volunteer. Ben suggests holding a silent auction, which the others think is a great idea. The committee is looking for a new chairperson, so Ben again volunteers, which they don't think is a great idea. At least not until after he offers to bake cupcakes -- like Sarah used to. Matty is invited to audition for solo, but Alex puts the fear in him that he might not be good enough. So Ben tells him the soloist always gets the girl. The committee come over to the apartment for a meeti

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