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Watch The Gregory Hines Show online: Episode 8 Eight and a Half Months

It's Halloween, and Ben dresses up like one of the Pips in preparation for a big party he's throwing. A big party to which Alex happened to invite Maya Angelou, who's in town for a book-signing gig. Matty and his new hockey teammates -- who are all two years his senior -- go out to their own party, dressed as a hockey fight. Carl the pirate hits on all the uninterested women at Ben's party, while Nicole the genie fights off the advances of all the men interested in her. Alex and Angela are there, too, as Count Dracula and Xena the Warrior Princess, respectively. Ben never does get to see Maya Angelou (nor do we), but he does get to meet the lovely Kyra Lewis, who's dressed up like a pregnant Madonna. Ben falls head over heels, but his stomach turns flips and somersaults when Kyra goes to the publishing company in normal attire, and he sees the pregnancy thing was no costume. When the soon-to-be-single-mother realizes he didn't know she was eight and a half months along, she apologizes

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