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The world of Vampire High explores two sets of students grappling with the horror story known as adolescence. The series is set at Mansbridge Manor, an isolated boarding school that is the last-stop haven for privileged teenagers of the wealthy and influential. That's the Day School...but it's the Night School that is the real focus of the show - a Night School that secretly houses a daring experiment to civilize vampire teenagers. By nature, they are passionate and predatory but now, they've been sent to school by their Elders, and they're plenty annoyed about being guinea pigs. Fortunately for both sets of teens, they are being guided by Dr. Reginald Murdoch, a renowned if eccentric educational specialist. Murdoch is a true Renaissance Man on a steadfast mission -- guiding his charges into becoming real citizens of the world. THEME: The voiceover during the theme is as follows: "When T

Actors: Joris Jarsky, Karen Cliche, Jeff Roop, Meghan Ory, Paul Hopkins, Ilona Elkin, David McIlwraith
Genre: Drama
Season 1 (watch here)
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