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What is iX-Driver about?
Sometime in the future, a hundred years from now, society has become a much better place to live in. The world's energy crisis has been solved; environmental pollution is a thing of the past. Crowded highways, traffic jams and accidents are literally unheard of, thanks to the ubiquitous Artificial Intelligence cars (A.I. cars) that drive themselves. But when these supposedly safe A.I. cars begin to run amuck under mysterious circumstances, the organization known as éX-Driver (éX-D) is called in to fix the problem. Made up of people who still know the art of driving, it is up to these éX-Drivers in their antique gasoline-powered race cars to stop the runaway A.I. vehicles. Risa Sakakino and Rona Endou pride themselves in being the two best éX-Drivers in their area until young Souichi Sugano turns up. Rona welcomes the new kid like her own brother, but for Risa, the only thing more annoying than being upstaged by the young upstart, is having him for a partner! From famed

Actors: Ryotaro Okiayu, Mie Odagi, Michiko Netani, Satohiko Nakajima, Toshihide Tsuchiya, Jun Tanaka, Yoko Asada, Yuki Miyata, Kurumi Mamiya, Hideshi Hanawa, Mitsuaki Madono, Miki Nagasawa, Isao Yamagishi, Yumiko Kobayashi, Unshou Ishizuka, Kaori Mizuhashi, Fumihiko Tachiki

Season 1 of iX-Driver

Season 2 of iX-Driver

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