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What is My Wildest Dreams about?
Welcome to the My Wildest Dreams guide at TV Tome. There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details. Lisa Ann Walter (Life's Work, Emeril, Breaking News) starred as Lisa McGinnis, working wife and mother in this short-lived FOX sitcom. Working at the Mound of Sound recording studio, Lisa had fantasies of becoming a rock star, though she knew that it was unlikely. She and her husband of eight years, Jack (John Posey), who ran a struggling sports good store, had two children, seven-year-old Danny and four-month old Delilah. To complicate their lives, Lisa's crabby mother, Gloria (Kelly Bishop, Gilmore Girls) and her cheery sister, Gloria (Mary Jo Keenan, Nurses) were frequent intruders in their lives. At work, she had to deal with her boss, Chandler (Miguel A Nunez, Jr Sparks, Tarzan, The Faculty), who frequently made stupid commercials.

Actors: Kelly Bishop, Lisa Ann Walter, Miguel Nunez, Jr., Mary Jo Keenen, John Posey, J. Evan Bonifant

Season 1 of My Wildest Dreams

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