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Laurie (Jessica Malka) and Oliver (Jamieson Boulanger, Are You Afraid of the Dark?) face a variety of way-out adventures where the bizarre reigns supreme. The two teenagers are confronted with seemingly unexplainable events. Using their keen sense of observation and deductive reasoning, they uncover the scientific or technological explanations for the seemingly inexplicable happenings. During the course of the series Laurie and Oliver explore the mysteries of biological computers, photosensitivity, genetic engineering, bacteria and many other phenomena. 11 Somerset is filmed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada Note #1 This series was filmed both in French and English. Note #2 French version will be broadcast on Télé-Québec and the English version is set to play on the Space network.

Actors: Jessica Malka, Jamieson Boulanger
Season 1
    Episode 3: Burned  
    Episode 9: Echoes  
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