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Nick @ Nite's first animated original, Fatherhood takes an optimistic look at the problems, rewards, and comedy of family life. Based on a book by Bill Cosby, the richly animated show shows the life and times of Dr. Arthur Bindlebeep, a high school professor, loving husband, devoted son, and father of three. Dr. Bindlebeep is an experienced teacher, but he's always learning from his three kids, Angie (16), Roy (12), and Katherine (6), about what it takes to be a good father, real-life communication, and himself. Meanwhile, Dr. Bindlebeep is surprised to find out that his parents, Lester and Louise still have a thing or two to teach him. With his wife, Norma Bindlebeep, Dr. Bindlebeep gamely tries to sort out the complications of parenthood, without losing his sense of humor.
Characters Bios Arthur : The Father: He's what this show is all about! He is the man of the house, who is silly and nice, but at times he can be very stern. Norma : The Mother: Mrs. Bindlebee

Actors: Jamai Fisher, Giovanni Samuels, Marc John Jefferies, Sabrina Le Beauf, Blair Underwood
Genre: Comedy
Season 1 (watch here)
Season 2 (watch here)
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