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What is House Rules (1998) about?
Welcome to the House Rules guide at TV Tome. Here is how NBC described the show: "A buddy comedy about three Gen Xers who share a house in Denver: Friends meets Three's Company. The series chronicles the adventures of three lifelong, ski-loving friends: Casey, a deputy district attorney; McCusky, a medical student; and Riley, a reporter. We were meant to find them charmingly irresponsible and free-spirited. We did not. In contrast to the similarly themed triangle comedy Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, this made delayed adolescence seem, well, childish. "The unique friendship shared by a trio of childhood chums and roommates from Denver is the focus of this half-hour comedy. Through romances, job problems and the trials and tribulations of daily life, a woman and her two male roommates give modern romance a decidedly comic spin. "'House Rules is about two men and a woman in their mid-twenties who, after 20 years of growing up together, going

Actors: David Newsom, Bradley White, Maria Pitillo

Season 1 of House Rules (1998)

    Episode 1: Pilot  
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