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Welcome to the Shirt Tales guide at TV Tome. Based on a popular line of greeting cards, The Shirt Tales were a group of adorable animals whose shirts would randomly proclaim things such as "Hug me" or "Let's go!," usually hinting at the current mood of the various "Tales." The group consisted of leader Tyg the tiger, Rick the raccoon, a girl panda named Pammy, Digger the mole, and a monkey called Bogey, so named because he called everyone "shweetheart" a la Humphrey Bogart. In the second season, another female character was added, young Kip the kangaroo. The group lived in an oak tree in the middle of a public park, under the watchful eye of Superintendent Dinkle. Hardly a group of loiterers, the Shirt Tails helped park visitors through acts of goodwill and their uncanny ability to solve mysteries. While sleuthing, the gang used the Shirt Tales' Super-Sonic Transporter (STSST), which not only helped them get around quickly, but also sported a laserlike beam that

Actors: Nancy Cartwright, Steve Schatzberg, Pat Paris, Bob Ogle, Herb Vigram, Ronnie Schell, Fred Travalena
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Season 1
    Episode 12: Wingman  
Season 2
Season 3
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