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Welcome to the Dream House guide at TV Tome. New houses have been offered as grand prizes for many game shows, including The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune. The genesis came in March 1968, with a game show where the house was the grand prize. Thus, Dream House was born. The original ran on ABC for two years before returning in 1983 as a daily series on NBC. That's the version covered here. Two teams of two (usually married couples), one of them a returning champion, competed. Host Eubanks read a true-false toss up question, with a correct answer giving that couple $50 and control of the question board of four categories. Each category had a multiple-choice question. After the couple gives their answer, the opposing team can challenge and give their own answer. The couple with the right answer won $100 (plus additional cash for the team on an unsuccessful challenge). The game was played in two rounds, with the leader after the first round winning a prize and dol

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