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Watch Meteor Garden online: Episode 28 MG II Episode 28

Ah Si went out with Xi Men and Mei Zhou for a drink. He learned from Mei Zuo that Lei was taking care of Shan Cai. He also mentioned about the special feelings that have been developed between Lei Shan Cai lately. Shan Cai then told Lei that she would be giving up on Ah Si. Lei finally told her how much he loves her and asked her to go with him to Japan. Ah Si went to look for Shan Cai at the countryside to tell her about his real feelings. When he got to her place, he saw her kissing with Lei. He realized that Shan Cai may have given up on him already, and slowly walked away. Lei was talked to Ah Si and explained to him that Shan Cai still have to make her final decision.

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