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Years after New Century Zero, the Zoids battles have shifted scenes to the coliseum. There is something new about this year's Zoids battles. It seems that many Zoids can fuse together for enhanced power and speed. Can RD and his Mach Storm Team successfully compete against these new Zoids Fuzors? Will they unlock the secrets to fusing for their Zoids before it is too late? There's also a new organization lurking in the shadows of Blue City, can RD win battles against the powerful enemy Zoids AND prevent this dark scheme? Stay Tuned!

Actors: Brad Swaile, Michael Coleman, Tabitha St. Germain, Russell Roberts, Nicole Oliver, Nicole Bouma, Phil Hayes, Alessandro Juliani, Brian Dobson, Samuel Vincent, Terry Klassen, Chiara Zanni, Matt Hill, Michael Dobson, Scott McNeil, Andrew Kavadas, Cusse Mankuma, Alec Will
Genre: Animation
Season 1
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