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What is Manhattan, AZ about?
Welcome to the Manhattan, AZ guide at TV Tome. Daniel Henderson (Brian McNamara) was an LA cop who made a living by putting on a dress every day and going to work for the vice squad until tragedy struck and his wife was killed in a freak Greenpeace accident. Feeling lost and left alone to raise his teenage son, Atticus (Vincent Berry), Henderson takes up the job of sheriff of Manhattan, AZ, a town so small it's not even on the map. Once in Manhattan, Henderson is confronted by the town's mayor, Jake Manhattan (Chad Everett), who had stretched the truth a little about the town and Henderson's role in it. Henderson quickly finds he has his hands full with a town full of eccentrics being led by the strangest of them all, Mayor Manhattan. Manhattan, AZ made it's premiere on the USA network on July 23, 2000.

Actors: Kate Hodge, Brian McNamara, Chad Everett, Vincent Berry

Season 1 of Manhattan, AZ

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