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What is Ultra Maniac about?
Ultra Maniac is a Japanese anime set in middle school. The main characters are Nina, a magician in training who performs her spells with the help of a laptop and treasure box, and Ayu, a beautiful and popular young woman at Hideo Middle School. Watch as best friends Nina and Ayu deal with the fallout from Nina's clumsy attempts at magic and their crushes on boys in their school.

Actors: Yui Horie, Sakura Nogawa, Chiba Susumu, Kamiya Hiroshi, Kanda Akemi
Genre: Animation


Season 1 of Ultra Maniac

    Episode 5: Enigma  
    Episode 9: Item  
    Episode 17: Quest  
    Episode 18: R & B  
    Episode 20: Tangle  
    Episode 24: X Day  
    Episode 26: Zoom In  
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