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What is Jackpot about?
Jackpot started out in 1974 on NBC, taking over the Jeopardy! time slot (Noon/11:00 CT). 16 contestants competed for a week as one was designated the Expert. The Expert picked one of 15 players, then the player tells how much the riddle's worth that adds to the jackpot (or if it's the Jackpot riddle). If the Expert answers it corretcly, s/he stays. Otherwise, the players trade places. There's also a Super Jackpot. To get that, the player has to match the last three digits of the target number (IE: $410). If that happens, both the player chosen & the expert get a chance to split a Super Jackpot that ranged from $5,000-$50,000. 10 years later after NBC yanked the show, the series found a new home (Toronto, Canada), new host (Mike Darrow) & new network (USA Cable). Play was like the NBC version except the Expert was called the King/Queen of the Hill, players traded places whether or not the Jackpot riddle was won.

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