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Although Matlock is no longer producing episodes, it still airs in many locations as re-runs. Although it's best to check your television guide for times and channels, some of the following networks carry the program, the show is current carried on CMT Canada, ABC (WXYZ Detroit), TNT, WGN, Hallmark, and KDOC. Some networks may only be available in certain areas. Broadcast History:
September 1986 - May 1992:
Tuesday on NBC
November 1992 - May 1995:
Thursday on ABC Vote to have Matlock released on DVD at

Actors: Linda Purl, Nancy Stafford, Julie Sommars, Andy Griffith, Carol Huston, Daniel Roebuck, Lori Lethin, Clarence Gilyard Jr., Brynn Thayer, Alice Hirson, Kene Holliday, Kari Lizer
Genre: Drama
Season 1
    Episode 10: The Cop  
Season 2
Season 3
    Episode 5: The D.J.  
Season 4
    Episode 5: The Ex  
    Episode 7: The Star  
    Episode 19: The Pro  
Season 5
    Episode 6: The Narc  
Season 6
    Episode 6: The Dame  
Season 7
    Episode 8: The Mark  
Season 8
    Episode 1: The Play  
    Episode 5: The View  
    Episode 18: Brennen  
Season 9
    Episode 4: The Dare  
    Episode 9: Dead Air  
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