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This show is about Canadian friends Kenny Hotz and Spenny Rice who compete against each other. Glory for the Winner, Humiliation for the Loser! The main characters of the show are: - Kenneth Joel Hotz (Kenny) and Spencer Nolan Rice (Spenny) who have been best friends since a very young age; Spenny is a stressed out, neurotic, short-fused adult-type who believes in preparation and hard work. He's responsible, often angry, introspective, paranoid and ethical, and Kenny is all the opposite to his friend, the best way to describe Kenny that he`s a witty wise-cracker, brilliant schemer, a goofball looking for a shortcut, he loves to humiliate Spenny and will do anything to win. Talking about this show we can said that is a reality show with a little game show flavor, with documentary elements, and some comedy.

Actors: Kenneth Joel Hotz, Spencer Nolan Rice
Genre: Comedy
Imdb: click here
Season 1
    Episode 26: Boxing  
Season 2
Season 3 (watch here)
Season 4 (watch here)
Season 5
Season 6
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