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Where to watch Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors
"Thundering across the stars to save the universe from the Monster Minds, Jayce searches for his father to unite the magic root and lead his Lightning League to victory over the changing form of Saw Boss. Wheeled Warriors explode into battle - Lightning Strikes!" Audric is a scientist working to create a plant which can grow in any environment and which, he hopes, can help provide food and end starvation. During his experiment a radiation flare causes the plants to mutate into Saw Boss and the Monster Minds. The Monster Minds can transform into vehicles and travel via roots between planets. With Saw Boss as leader, they set out to conquer the galaxy. Audric creates a magic root which can stop them but the two halves of the root are separated during a Monster Minds attack. Audric escapes with one half, the other goes with his son, Jayce. Jayce and the other members of the Lightning League set out to

Actors: Luba Goy, Darin Baker, Giulio Kukurugya, Valerie Politis, Charles Joliffe, John Stocker, Dan Hennessey, Len Carlson
Genre: Animation
Season 1 (watch here)
    Episode 51: Armada  
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