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Watch Hikaru no Go online: Episode 19 A Painful Match

Hikaru/Sai spends half hour to decide on the first move while the others are having a field day discussing Hikaru. With a 15 moku handicap Hikaru set for Sai, Sai decides to attack early by baiting a trap for Meijin (Touya Kouyou) but which the latter is too careful to fall into. However, the Meijin sense a formidable presence around Hikaru, similar to the pressure he feels when playing against a seasoned Pro. Though Hikaru lost the game, the Meijin indicates that he would like to play Hikaru again without any handicap. Hikaru and Sai had a mini-debate about when Hikaru' going to let him play again. Akira further wonders about who Hikaru really is when his father confirms he would like to play Hikaru again.

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