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Watch Last Exile online: Episode 13 Isolated Pawn

In a brief flashback scene, we are shown Tatiana's parents and given a glimpse into the surly vanship pilot's past. Tatiana and Claus manage to crash land, but the pipe which has the flow of claudia going through it is damaged. They can't fly unless it's repaired. Tatiana is devastated by her failure as a pilot and for a while, doesn't seem to care about anything. Claus manages to snap her out of her fugue, insisting that the Sylvana has survived the battle. They talk and Claus learns about Tatiana's left behind noble past, while Tatiana learns of Claus and Lavi's famous dads. Together, they manage to shorten then pipe system so that the claudia can at least flow through it. However, they give up height, and are only able to hover above the ground. Meanwhile, in another flashback scene, we see what appears to be the people of Dusis , fleeing the inclement weather of their country. However, the rockets which they use to fly are not balanced properly, and they crash. Tatiana recalls th

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