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Dio and Luciora are taken ""hostage"" by the Sylvana. Dio is brought to Alex where the young guild heir tries to question Alex about the Mysterium. Not getting anything out of the commander, Dio, and by default Luciora, are then relegated to Claus and Lavi. Lavi has officially become a mechanic, so Claus is missing a navi. Although Delphine hears that they are captured, she decides to allow Dio and Luciora ""to swim"" on their own. A message is detected by the Sylvana and Tatiana and Alistia go to retrieve it. It is from the Urbanus. Vincent, the commander, is requesting a meeting with Alex. It regards ""the cargo."" Alex plans on going, and he ends up asking Claus to fly escort, which angers Tatiana. Sophia reminds the vanship pilot not to question order, and when Tatiana asks who will be his navi, Alistia volunteers. At the rendezvous point, Vincent tries small talk, but taciturn Alex eventually forces him to get to the point. He has an imperial decree for Alex to return ""the cargo"" to

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