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Watch Last Exile online: Episode 6 Arbiter Attack

Dio and Luciora investigate their downed star-shaped machine. When Luciora fixes the camera on it, they are able to see an image of Alvis being protected by Claus. Tatiana and Alistia arrive at the palace of the emperor and inform him that the ""cargo"" is safely aboard the Sylvana. And speaking of the cargo, Al explores the ship on her own, making it down to the hangar, where the mechanics entertain her until Sophia retrieves her. Sophia brings her to Claus and Lavi, and later brings the still injured Claus to see Alex. Their talk is interrupted by a red alert claxon. The Guild is about to attack the Sylvana. In the course of the attack, one of the star-shaped machines comes aboard the ship and goes after Alvis. It's destroyed by one of the mechanics, and unfortunately ruins Claus and Lavi's vanship. Claus offers to fly and fight and the mechanics give him a quick review of combat flying. Another star-shaped machine comes on board, and the last scene is Claus, using his vanship, to shov

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