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Back in the mid-1970s, there was this modestly successful game show that aired on CBS called Gambit. Nearly four years after it disappeared from that network's daytime schedule, producer Merrill Heatter took the show to Las Vegas, tweaked the Blackjack-centered game a bit, got ahold of original host Wink Martindale and christened the new entry Las Vegas Gambit. As before, two couples one a returning champion competed in this general knowledge quiz that added Blackjack. The couples shared a common deck, and were shown an up card by the model (Lee Menning or Beverly Malden) before host Martindale began asking general knowledge questions usually true-false or multiple choice. The first couple to buzz in provided an answer. If correct, they won control of the card (otherwise, their opponents won control). Cards won on subsequent questions were not revealed until the couple in control made a decision to play or pass the
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