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Watch Boy Meets Boy online: Episode 6 Finale

The final elimination ceremony is still fourteen hours away. That's a lot of time for three anxious Mates to wait. Nothing helps kill time like a little vodka, and soon the edgy threesome turn into a trio of merry pranksters. Left unattended, they make off with a Boy Meets Boy camera and stage a little show of their own. In the morning, James and Andra arise to breakfast and to one last strategy session. They evaluate not just the three remaining men but also those who came and went. Not all of their suppositions appear to be on the mark, as they mistakenly peg Darren as straight, and Paul and Jim as gay. The time has finally arrived. One glass of champagne to offer, two potential love interests…and a third man with a decidedly different agenda. James first breaks the news to Brian: he feels privileged to have met him, but his heart lies elsewhere. As James suspected, Brian is in fact gay. Next, James eliminates Franklin, ""outing"" him as the straight guy. Franklin confirms that he is s

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