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Watch Boy Meets Boy online: Episode 5 The Possibly Straight Cat's Out Of The Bag

Episode 4 ended with the shocking revelation that one of the three remaining Mates -- Brian, Franklin or Wes -- is secretly straight. If James' ""gaydar"" is accurate and he picks one of the gay Mates, he will not only win that romantic trip to New Zealand but also pocket $25,000. Should he do otherwise, the money will instead go to the straight guy. Meanwhile, at the mostly empty Mates' House, emotions ride high. While all are happy to remain in contention, they express sorrow at the departure of three more newfound friends. Wes in particular sheds a few tears, and Andra stops by to commiserate. James has three more one-on-one dates before he makes his selection, and he is forbidden from directly asking anyone's sexual orientation or from revealing the twist. Let the games begin. James hopes the spa setting will be a good barometer of Franklin's comfort level and possibly his true sexuality. After a massage and a dip in the hot tub, the two settle in for a romantic dinner in the spa's l

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