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Watch Boy Meets Boy online: Episode 4 Yeah, But Do You LIKE Me?

With only six Mates left, the pressure is on. Each guy knows that the next thing he says or does may be the difference between survival and elimination. Today's group date begins with horseback riding. For Darren, it's his first time on a horse and he's a little uneasy. Robb has problems of his own atop the last horse, stuck at the back of the pack in a cloud of everyone else's dust. At the end of the trail, James pulls a name from a hat for a one-on-one: lunch with Brian. In his first opportunity to be alone with James, Brian dispels the notion that, as a bartender, he's inclined to be promiscuous. James is quite happy to hear that Brian is looking for the same things he is - a serious, monogamous relationship. The guys are reunited for a hike, followed by another one-on-one, this time with Robb. The elements conspire against Robb once again as dust and wind interfere with their conversation. James asks Robb how he would feel if he were sent home, a question he will later pose to many

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