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Watch Boy Meets Boy online: Episode 3 It's Raining Gay and Secretly Straight Men

Nighttime brings out intimate talk and personal revelations from our housebound housemate. Michael confesses that he is attracted to both sexes, stunning several of other guys, most notably Brian. But later Brian offers a revelation of his own: his attention is divided between Leading Man James and fellow Mate Dan. Coincidentally, Dan is also the topic of conversation over at James and Andra's residence. He's told two markedly different stories to each, and they have to wonder if Chris, his close pal back in New York, is more of a boy friend or a boyfriend. James, Andra and half the guys (Dan, Brian, Darren, Matthew & Michael) pile into the car for a trip to the Living Desert and a wildlife encounter featuring turtles and snakes. Before long, it's time for the first one-on-one of the day. This one is ladies' choice and Andra chooses Matt. As they stroll through the zoo, James and Matt have a serious talk about expectations and aspirations. Over a snack of root beer floats and (appropri

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