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Watch Class of 96 online: Episode 1 (pilot)

Its everyone's first day on Campus, and everyone meeting their roommates, getting to know one another and getting settled in. The show revolves around seven people who become friends. Jessica,a rich Jewish girl shares a room with two other girls, Patty, the daughter of a famous actress and Robin, a knockout from Florida. On the other side you have the guys, David, a guy from New Jersey just trying to become a writer and his roommate Stroke, who is just wants to be an entrepreneur. Then you have Whitney a Rich prep who just wants to live up to dads expectations, but try to live his life as well, who to both him and his dads surprise ends up sharing his dads old room with Antonio, a black Kid from the inner city and unbeknown to Whitney is a star basketball player and the school top recruit. This is also the episode where David meets Jessica and they start dating.

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