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Watch Gokudo online: Episode 19 The World Is Full of Loving and Shoving!

Well, you'll remember from the previous review that when we last left our heroes, they were still suffering from the 'old body switcheroo', had just been sent to 'Hell' by the evil monk Sanzo, and upon arriving had run across Pegasus and Djinn (the latter still stuck in Prince Niari's body, natch), both unable to communicate anything more than the word 'Teralarian'. More importantly, though, this marks the beginning of the series' fifth plot arc... not to mention introduces a key character for the four episodes on this volume: Nanya, royal servant of Queen West (the White Tiger Goddess). We learn via flashback that Nanya rescued Djinn from Hotoke troops (who believe him to be Niari, and thus the enemy of their king, Yama). He in turn saves her from the next wave of Yama's forces, and inevitably she falls in love with him. Alas, their escape path takes them through the Teralarian Desert, which causes Djinn to become delusional... and so it happens that when Gokudo & Co run across the tr

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