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Watch Gokudo online: Episode 12 Let's Play Doctor! Here Comes the Magic Sphere!

Before the fight can really get going, Ah and Ng use their arms flapping in synchronisation to hypnotise Gokudo & Co. Upon waking up, they realise Lady Nano's been abducted, so Djinn and Pegasus revert to their true forms and fly off to locate her while the others continue on foot to the capital city. Through the usual fakery, they manage to convince the locals that Niari is an amazing physician, and the team gets invited up to the royal palace to have a look at the sick prince (Sukyo). The gang is invited to stay the night, but of course, not all is as it seems. The healthy prince (Hanayo) takes Gokudo aside and explains that the Emperor is interested in Rubette and wants to broker a deal for her. Predictably, Gokudo OK's this plan and goes off to tell Rubette she's been summoned. Of course this only leads to Rubette having to wipe the walls with the Emperor when he tries to lay his greasy hands on her, followed directly by guards pouring in to defend him. Only care of a distraction b

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