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Watch Gokudo online: Episode 11 The Destiny of the Hotoke and Magic Gods

Still hoping to find the magic sphere in the capital of Inaho, the gang chance upon Niari at the seashore... who apparently escaped the clutches of Princess Otto (lovestruck daughter of the Dragon God; see episode nine), but at the cost of being turned into a merman. With a little help from Lady Nano, he gets his legs back (but not his clothes!) and the core party is once more assembled and ready for action. Clues indicate the magic sphere may be found at a shrine near the foot of the mountains, but when they arrive they find the place ransacked, and the White Fox (the shrine's occupant) clearly abducted. Giant footsteps leading away from the shrine suggest the involvement of the Buddha... which is a major problem since Niari, Djinn, and Pegasus are magical creatures and thus considered sworn enemies of the followers of the Buddha. When a spectral projection of the White Fox (taking the form of a gorgeous girl) appears before our heroes, there's the usual - and predictable - split of r

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