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I was a cop. My wife was raped, I caught the guy who did it, and I killed him. Two months later I died, and went to Hell. 113 of the most vile creature escaped.The high concept of this story is that Detective Ezekial Stone was sent to Hell for the murder of his wife's rapist. He spends 15 years in Hell, until 113 souls managed to escape. The Devil needs someone to send them back to Hell, but can't do much on the physical plane. So he sends Ezekial after them, with the promise that if Stone recovers all 113, he'll win permanent freedom from Hell. And if he fails, he's damned for good.All of the escapees as well as Stone are supernaturally indestructible, except they can inflict pain on each other. The only way to send someone back to Hell is to destroy their eyes, the "windows of the soul." Worse, some of the escapees spent centuries, if not millennia, in Hell and have developed great power - little of which Stone, a relatively recent prisoner, has himself.Each w

Actors: John Glover, Peter Horton, Teri Polo, Lori Petty
Genre: Action and Adventure
Season 1
    Episode 1: Pilot  
    Episode 2: Heat  
    Episode 3: Encore  
    Episode 5: Poem  
    Episode 7: Slayer  
    Episode 8: Ashes  
    Episode 9: Lovers  
    Episode 10: Carrier  
    Episode 11: Faces  
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