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Canned Carrott was a 30 minute pre-recorded slot given to comedy genius Jasper Carrott. It also starred Robert Powell, Steve Punt and
Hugh Dennis. The shows suture was 2 stand up routines with Jasper, Jaspers spoofs of then current TV commericals, A sketch with Putt & Dennis (Jasper guest starred in a couple of their sketches), Jaspers own weekly slapstick Benny Hill style sketch 'Wiggy', and his short sketch 'The Detectives' with Robert Powell. After Canned Carrott ended The Detectives returned to the screen in an expanded form as its own full length 30 minute sitcom (which ran for 5 whole series). Aswell as Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis agetting had their own spin off sketch show series 'The Imaginatively Titled Punt & Dennis Show' which ran for 2 series, Canned Carrott is such a templete its where it all began Canned Carrot ran for 2 series of 6 episodes

Actors: Robert Powell, Steve Punt, Jasper Carrott, Hugh Dennis
Genre: Comedy
Season 1
Season 2
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