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In this fast-paced futuristic adventure, the Bronze Knights led by Seiya draw upon their amazing martial art skills as well as their mystical power in which each is keyed into a sign of the Zodiac as they attempt to defeat Ikki and the Black Knights who would do anything to gain control of the Gold Cloth of Sagittarius. But beyond the Black Knights are even more deadlier foes...the Silver Knights and the Gold Knights who possess more power than the Bronze Knights can ever imagine and they're being controlled by the ultra force of supernatural evil--Ares the God of War. Seiya and the Bronze Knights must pit themselves in hand-to-hand combat against the most formidable fighters in the universe as they struggle to return Athena the Goddess of War to her rightful throne and assure the peace of the world.

Actors: Katie Griffin, Neil Crone, Tiffany Grant, Rob Mungle, Greg Ayres, Chris Nelson, George Buza, Monica Rial, Maurice Dean Wint, Robert Tinkler, Annick Obansawin, Stewart Stone, Rick Burford, Jason Douglas, Illich Guardiola, Mark McMulkin, John Swasey, Jason Palmer, Jeff Be
Genre: Animation
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    Episode 4: Refuse  
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