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Where to watch Return To Jupiter
A 13 part series which follows the successful sci-fi series Escape to Jupiter. Reuniting on Earth Station Two, a large space platform hovering above Earth, five children - gerard, Michael, Kumiko, Abraham and Anna - are preparing to return to a newly established mining colony on Ganymede, another of Jupiter's moons. With jealousy among the crew, a disaster-predicting stowaways and a malfunctioning computer system that has sent them spiralling towards a crash landing on Mars - it is easy to see they face many dangers on their voyage through space.

Actors: Dominic Elmaloglou, David Wenham, Emma Jane Fowler, Robyn MacKenzie, Jeanette Cronin, Sonia Todd, Daniel Taylor, Colin Moody, Justin Rosniak, Anna Choy
Genre: Children
Season 1
    Episode 3: Stowaway  
    Episode 4: Rescue  
    Episode 5: Demons  
    Episode 7: Hackers  
    Episode 8: Jettison  
    Episode 10: Ghosts  
    Episode 11: Comet  
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