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Watch Wish You Were Here 1990 online: Episode 6 Somewhere near the Balkans

This is the wackiest episode. It was funny, but I never really bought that most of the stuff that happened really would have happened. Anyway, Donny is in prison... somewhere near the Balkans... for having assaulted someone and stolen his camera. He keeps trying to convince the captain and guards that it's his camera, which had been stolen from him some time ago, in Athens. On the tape we see that the maid at his hotel in Athens had stolen it, and sold it to some guy, and apparently he later sold it to a young man named Adonis, who didn't know it was stolen. He wanted to travel and send videos home, and he went to Washington, D.C. with the camera. Meanwhile, Donny talked to a lawyer as well as the American consul, neither of whom was of any help. But eventually Adonis showed up, and Donny convinced him that it was his camera, so he had Donny released. His travels were over, but he convinced Donny to keep on travelling, even though he was also thinking of quitting. Donny spoke to his pa

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