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Watch Wish You Were Here 1990 online: Episode 4 Marrakesh

Donny's little brother Larry is at college, dressed up like Lawrence of Arabia, because he's obsessed with that movie, which he used to watch with Donny alot. His girlfriend Meg shows up to watch Casablanca with him, but then he receives a tape from Donny, and he'd rather watch that. It turns out that Donny is in Morocco, heading toward Marrakesh. He and Larry always wanted to go there. But the truck Donny was riding in breaks down, and he's stuck in another city. He hires a boy named Ali to handle his camera part of the time. Donny wants to catch a bus to Marrakesh, but there are no seats left, because of all the German tourists in town. He does manage to find a ticket which someone else drops, though. He also spends some time hanging out with a bus inspector named Henri, and then Ingar, a Swedish exchange student Donny dated in high school, shows up. Along with her fiance. Apparently he often left Larry alone to go out with her. Also he's upset that she missed their prom because she

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