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Watch Wish You Were Here 1990 online: Episode 2 Budapest

Donny sends a video tape to his grandpa Ziggy as a birthday present, which Ziggy and his family watch at his party, over Ziggy's protests. Donny meets a woman named Anna in Budapest, and travels with her on a train to Ziggy's old home village. But whenever he uses his family's original name, people get angry, and he has no idea why. Eventually, Anna, returns to explain the situation. It turns out his family was nobility, and oppressed the people of the village, so the family name was now a curse among them. Anna takes Donny to see her grandmother, who was an old girlfriend of Ziggy's. Then the villagers show up to apologize, after they found out Donny was Ziggy's grandson. Because Ziggy had given up all his wealth and power, and he was the one member of the family they liked.

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