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Watch Wish You Were Here 1990 online: Episode 1 Paris

Donny Cogswell buys a video camera, then quits his job as a Wall Street stock broker, when he's about to be fired. Back at his apartment, it turns out he'd left the shower on that morning, causing a great deal of water damage, which cost him most of his savings. Then his girlfriend Janet breaks up with him. So Donny decides to do some travelling, and the first place he goes is Paris. A couple of weeks later, Janet receives a video tape from him, and starts watching it. She keeps watching it when her new boyfriend, David, comes over to her apartment. Donny is trying to show Janet how romantic Paris is, and that she should come there to be with him, but by the end of the tape he realizes she was right to let him go. David, meanwhile, has gotten fed up with her watching the tape, and leaves.

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