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What is Resurrection Blvd. about?
From Denis E. Leoni comes a new fresh family drama about Spanish population living in Resurrection Blvd. Three generations of the Santiago family have forged their legacy in boxing. Widower Roberto Santiago (Tony Plana), who is also struggling with his illness is worried about his children which all take different paths in their lifes. Miguel (Mauricio Mendoza), the oldest son, tries to be a great manager, while Carlos (Michael DeLorenzo), after an enemy shot at him tries to go back to his life as a boxer. His brother Alex (Nicholas Gonzales) replaced him in boxing, but was soon lost and had to find a way to go back living normal without boxing. Yolanda (Ruth Livier), the oldest daughter, works at a office and goes thorugh her life with her boyfriend, Luke Bonner (Brian Austin Green), a policeman that changed her life forever. The youngest daughter, Victoria (Marisol Nichols), was always a mutinous daughter, trying to live her life, but soon she realizes how important her fa

Actors: Marisol Nichols, Mauricio Mendoza, Elizabeth Peña, Nicholas Gonzalez, Daniel Zacapa, Ruth Livier, Brian Austin Green, Michael DeLorenzo, Tony Plana
Genre: Drama

Season 1 of Resurrection Blvd.

    Episode 3: Sueños  
    Episode 4: El Baile  
    Episode 8: Luchando  
    Episode 9: Cholitas  
    Episode 20: Juntos  

Season 2 of Resurrection Blvd.

    Episode 10: Partida  
    Episode 14: Lito  
    Episode 17: Bruja  

Season 3 of Resurrection Blvd.

    Episode 7: Justicia  
    Episode 8: Pararse  
    Episode 10: Engano  
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