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WIZADORA is a trainee wizard who gets along just fine with all her friends and helpers. Join Wizadora and meet TATTY BOGLE, a scarecrow that lives in a hollow tree in the garden where he invents strange contraptions; meet VERY OLD FISH, who has swum in all the oceans of the world and has many tales to tell; meet PHEOBE, the talking telephone; meet FILBERT, the half-plant half-animal, who is Wizadora's assistant; and meet TOPP, STICKY and BOTTOM, the impish and lovable THE DRAW PEOPLE and not forgetting her very own helpful & bossy cloak-hanger called HANGLE. With 5 Series', Wendy Van Der Plank, Joe Greco, Steven Ryde, Brian Murphy & Tessa hats star in the magical,wonderful world of WIZADORA will help provide the ground needed by pre-school children. In an amusing and entertaining way they will be introduced to basic learning skills and basic life skills.

Actors: Wendy van der Plank, Michael Bayliss, Steven Ryde, Sue Darcre, Tessa Hats, Francis Wright, Brian Murphy, Joe Greco
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
    Episode 2: Shape Up  
Season 5
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