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What is The New Zoo Revue about?
"It's the New Zoo Revue, coming right at you!" Thus began each episode of this cheerful children's program, set in a neighborhood inhabited by oversize animals and their human friends. Doug and Emmy Jo (real life husband and wife Doug Momary and Emily Peden) were the humans, joined by know-it-all Charlie the Owl; southern belle Henrietta Hippo; and carefree Freddie the Frog. Other human friends included Mrs. Goodbody, a well-meaning but nosy neighbor; and Mr. Dingle, the postmaster. Episodes generally were not unlike a sitcom, aimed at teaching the youthful viewers simple lessons such as manners, getting along, trying new things and humility.

Actors: Chuck Woolery, Emily Peden, Doug Momary, Yanco Inone, Joni Robbins, Larri Thomas, William Callaway, Hazel Shermet, Sharon Baird, Scutter McKay, Fran Ryan

Season 1 of The New Zoo Revue

    Episode 1: Brain  
    Episode 2: Manners  
    Episode 3: Ocean  

Season 2 of The New Zoo Revue

    Episode 1: School  
    Episode 2: Drugs  
    Episode 3: Money  

Season 3 of The New Zoo Revue

    Episode 2: Loyalty  

Season 4 of The New Zoo Revue

    Episode 1: Patience  
    Episode 2: Advice  
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